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Label: Tracy Island
Title: Trapped In The Sky
Artist: Mori Ra
Genre: Disco / Leftfield / Balearic / Ambient
Release date: 30/03/2017

? Located in the South Pacific, the heavily camouflaged Island's ulterior function is to serve as the secret base of the International Rescue Organisation." Music For Hope. With love Tracy Island.

Tracy Island, surrounded by natures greatest and ever rising force of the Ocean, is a place emanating peace and joy. A concept representing the isolation and appeal of Island life, contrasted with thought provoking and mesmerising melodies to draw us away from main land mentality, offering feelings of tranquility and wonder. In these controversial times the necessity to escape or break away grows as we feel increasingly submerged by the world?s realities, now more than ever we should strive to protect both the environment and the purpose of this planet.

Tracy Island will follow a 10 episode framework taking inspiration from Thunderbirds, all of which aptly named after the original series. The first episode welcomes Mori Ra of Osaka, with four old edits from way back when on ?Trapped In The Sky?.

Mastered: Optimum Mastering
Pressed: Optimal Media
Design by: Leolyxxx