Morning Routine – Tatie Dee


A1: Nuit d'Ménil
A2: Bed and Break Fast
A3: Bed and Break Fast (Black Loops Remix)
B1: I Wasn't Born In 1937
B2: 16 Swing-71
B3: Bed and Break Fast (Belaria Remix)
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Soul Clap Records serve up the flavours of Tatie Dee for their next release. Morning Routine is a six-track weave through bumping house complete with trademark remixes from Black Loops and Belaria.

Opener ‘Nuit d’Ménil’ channels journeys home through the 20th arrondissement of Paris, around Ménilmontant, for Tatie and her friends. Those late-night walks inspiring this dreamy glitched out, synth heavy roller.
Next up, ‘Bed and Break fast’ is a dancefloor bumper, raw and emotive yet powerful and punchy. Moving from a breakbeat to a 4/4 rhythm it’s an intoxicating concoction laced with grooving bars, glistening pads and deft sax injections. Black Loops steps up on remix duties honing in on that breakbeat flavour with a late night, blissful, bouncy burner.

On the flip, ‘I Wasn’t Born In 1937’ nods to Tatie’s pal Lucas Moinet, who runs Studio 937. The person that introduced her to the world of the MPC, rolling with her to buy her first one. Having got home and plugged everything in, the first sound Tatie composed on her MPC was this one – it was for him.

Next, ‘16 Swing-71’ is a classic-leaning, ‘90s feeling deep house track. Weighty organs and trademark deep house stabs are served with the 16 swing-71 shuffle from the SP1200 to make everything groove just right. Closing it out Baleria puts a fast-paced new beat spin on Bed and Break fast’ for a club ready powerhouse remix.