Mr. Fingers – Around The Sun pt.1 [2 x 12″]


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Release Date: 6th May 2022

Mr. Fingers returns on Alleviated Records with a new album!!! Larry Heard (under his most notable monniker) continues on the path he’s set with ‘Cerebral Hemispheres’ in 2018. Encompassing all his influences from Jazz, R&B to Techno and Ambient these lush tracks with a feel that no one else expresses quite like Mr. Fingers. Right from the start with “Around the Sun” the ten track album pulls you in with these lush produced tracks and effortlessly captivates you with the always infectious grooves and perfectly spaced arrangements. No need to further elaborate… This is Larry Heard at his finest.?

a1 Around The Sun ? ?

a2 Dryve

a3 Touch The Sky

b1 Coastline Paradox

b2 Electrostatic Levitation

b3 Somethings Going On

c1 Like The Dawn

c2 Pressureize

d1 Marrakesh

d2 Shimmer