MTDD – Bernau 4

MTDD – Bernau 4

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MTDD – Bernau 4

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MTDD - Bernau 4

Greta Cottage Woodpile brings home the obligatory unoptimistic sensation with MTDD : Bernau 4

Specifically selected field recordings taken from a weekend in October ’13, when the GCW family walked around the District of Bernau 4.

The area around The Reconciliation Church features heavily in this audio collage of haunting and strangely emotional audio. The intent is to invoke the experience of a Berlin Cold War Border Crossing – through the eyes of a child.

The Marx Trukker takes these intricate pieces, tears them up and rebuilds into expertly crafted rhythms within rhythms.

As the abstractisms take shape, a very much broad and present, yet eloquently subtle use of cavernous atmosphere addresses confused and bemused intricate detail.

Seemingly and suggestively familiar snippets of sound coax disturbing weirdness with whistles and chants wrapped in distorted pinches.

Not for the easy listener, more often challenging than not; but particularly rewarding when getting lost in the density of discordant oddity.

Though harsh and aggravating at times there’s moments of simply zoning into the constantly changing dynamic – bringing you to question ‘where is the kick?’ Before you know it there’s a thudding undercurrent that feels like it had never left. Odd.

Early obvious nods to Demdikes, then unfurling into big Terry Dixon or Jeffery Mills territory towards the finish seem not too obtuse,

More smudged and paranoid than the previous Trukker partakings on GCW, it’s suitably on Woodpile to set it apart from other material, requiring multiple sittings to really grasp it’s glorious entirety

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