Mudkid – Karius Und Baktus / Prophet

Mudkid – Karius Und Baktus / Prophet

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Mudkid – Karius Und Baktus / Prophet

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Mudkid - Karius Und Baktus / Prophet

Released 29th January 2016

Mudkid is back in the Greta Cottage family way.

Sideways Honkin’ Dancefloor Stonkin’ relentless grooves for your rekid box.

Karius Und Baktus is a both a hangover from his youth, and a screaming aural legend for that infamous Greasy Donkey basement. To know it is to love it.

Two chewns for the price of one, wait for the lift. Top floor beckons, but best stay in the basement…

The final track in the Trilogy of the Mudkid 10” drops, You know what a Prophet is, right?

Returns you to the beginning of the stumble – closing the loop of a TRUE dub techno ramble, 

Rumbles your subs and splodges your mumbles <<<

>>> Don’t check yer needle it’s made like dat!

a. Mudkid – Karius Und Baktus

b. Mudkid – Prophet

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