MYSTIQUE Vision #01 – Sylvester Javier


B1: Lost in 1st Avenue Loop
B2: Microdot
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Mystique Records kick off the label with MYSTIQUE Vision #01 a full frontal EP from Sylvester Javier, aka Stefano Curti of Vibraphone fame, that delves into the depths of house, techno and acid.

‘Secret Ceremonies’ nods to the hey days of tech house with the Italo Disco Mix a rolling ’90s influenced number. The Cocorico mix weaves in a bit of that early 00’s minimal feel before the Original touches on a jazzier, more soulful strand.

On the flip, ‘Lost in 1st Avenue Loop’ and ‘Microdot’ venture into the realms of acid tinged techno to round of the EP.