N.M.O. – Nordic Mediterranean Organization / Numerous Miscommunications Occur


German Trained Unit 1
Neoliberal Madness Offering I
Riyl Roma
Neoliberal Madness Offering Ii
German Trained Unit 2
New Bulgaria
German Trained Unit 3
Armchair Evader
Neoliberal Madness Offering Iii
German Trained Unit 4
Double Arm
Neoliberal Madness Offering Iv
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Exceptional debut album of Military Space Music and / or Fluxus Techno rave drills from the inimitable, acronymic duo for Diagonal. RIYL Belgian Techno, SuperCollider, Powell, Lorenzo Senni, the bleep test.
At long fxcking last N.M.O. execute their crazed debut album for Diagonal, distilling the playful calisthenics of their laptop and drum kit live show in a totally unique manner that somehow deconstructs and alliterates tracky acid techno with avant no-wave rock, computer music and the kind of snare-driven tattoos coming out of Portugal?s Pr?ncipe label. Best just call it Military Space Music?