Nicola Cruz – Cantos de Vision

Nicola Cruz – Cantos de Vision

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Nicola Cruz – Cantos de Vision

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Nicola Cruz – Cantos de Vision

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Nicola Cruz - Cantos de Vision

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Ecuador’s rising son, Nicola Cruz, returns to Multi Culti with Cantos de Vision, a truly visionary EP backed by remixes from Jaja, Argentinian Uji, and Multi Culti’s own Thomas Von Party.

One of the core artists in Multi Culti’s diverse catalog of globally-inspired dance music, Nicola Cruz is deservedly becoming the poster-boy for a new wave of producers that fuse indigenous sounds with internationally professional production, creating something entirely new, sonically.

It’s a genre that Multi Culti ambassadors Dreems & Thomas Von Party refer to as ‘Folklorica,’ a psychedelic replanting of folkloric roots, and nowhere is it more skilfully executed than on Nicola’s tracks.

Following up on his debut LP for Latin America’s indie powerhouse, ZZK Records, the return to Multi Culti sees Cruz sharpen his focus toward igniting the downtempo dance-floors that have slowly been gaining ground in clubs and festivals recently. This new club sound is at the fore on lead track Tzantza, already an integral part of Nicola’s live shows and DJ sets at festivals like Sonar and Mutek.

What stands out most, other than the sampled lead Marimba, is the sheer mass of the kick drum, the immense pushing power of this 102 bpm chugger.

Bruxo and Danza de Visin follow suit, flexing some seriously first-world mixing mojo, elevating Cruz’s work to heights that the growing legions of flute-bearing imitators will only reach in their stoned dreams.

The vinyl package will also feature Mantis and Invocacion, off his debut Multi Culti EP, two incredible tracks that will finally get the 12″ real estate they deserve.

DJ Support:

Soul Clap

Axel Boman

Tim Sweeney

Red Axes

Jennifer Cardini

Jagwar Ma



Ivan Smagghe

Auntie Flo

Von Party

Jonny Cruz / No. 19, My Favorite Robot, Toys for Boys

Soft Rocks / Soft Rocks Recordings

Giom / Supremus Records

Carl Craig / Planet-E

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