No?mi B?chi – Matter


Elemental Fear
Screaming at Brutism
Causes of Forgetfulness
Measuring All Possibilities
Uncertainty of an Undefined Interdependenc
Memorizing by Heart
Taking the Train with Mr. Shark
Prelude for Rational Freshness
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"Music gives us the illusion that time is not time, but space. It is then that the music transforms from process to object, which I find a very interesting thought; a materialisation of the sound process. Sound is matter." – No?mi B?chi
No?mi B?chi's debut album 'Matter' captures the tension between growth and decay, consonance and dissonance, mirroring B?chi's own catharsis through music. Her most personal material to date, 'Matter' is an opus of refined, sculpted beauty, one that aims to blur the distinction between ephemerality and physicality. Inspired by late romantic classical music and early 20th century contemporary music, 'Matter' is driven by the compositional methodologies of Igor Stravinsky, Alexander Skrjabin, Gustav Mahler and Gy?rgy Ligeti to modern sound forms, adapting and expanding upon their ideas in an awe-inspiring exploration of cutting-edge potency and tactility.
B?chi structures the electronic works that constitute 'Matter' in movements, stratifying myriad instrumental parts like the constituent sections of an orchestra. During her work on the album, B?chi engaged in extensive research, obsessively studying specific chords and progressions, and searching for transcendent intonations with resonant properties; complexions of sound with the ability to connect with the listener's body. Transforming our inner worlds into zones of suspension and levitation, B?chi exposes the listener to intoxicating slipstreams of sound. Prominent voices ascend, tectonic disturbances threaten the foundations, perception and sensation becomes subject to elemental countercurrents and inversions. 'Matter' illustrates the fraught pursuit of momentary equilibrium, and makes the fragility of euphoria tangible.
Composer & sound artist No?mi B?chi creates electronic, symphonic maximalism. Her music is defined by delicate electronic-orchestral forms and textural rhythms. She strives for a combination of harmonic and dissonant sonorities, to evoke both intellectual and emotional euphoria. B?chi has appeared on the Light of Other Days and Visible Dinner labels, and is now an affiliate of -OUS, releasing 'Hyle' her debut EP on the label in spring 2022. As well as her solo output, No?mi B?chi is currently working with Feldermelder on their collaborative project Musique Infinie. Their debut album will also be released via -OUS in the near future.