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Ol' Burger Beats & Vuyo – Dialogue


Ole Two Times
Not For Sale
So (Interlude)
Summer of George
I Think (Interlude)
He Is (Interlude)
Schengen Visa
The Reason
Enough For You
Alain Villet (Interlude)
Dusty Grooves
88 Keys
Mahershala Al
Why (Interlude)
We Made It
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Following up on their acclaimed 2020 EP „All Yours“ (2M streams to this day) northern lo-fi patron Ol' Burger Beats and up and coming rapper Vuyo now succeed with the awaited debut LP “Dialogue.” in February 2021 – accompanied by three single-drops and a music video by RUFFMERCY.

Since 2014 Oslo-based producer, DJ and record collector Ol' Burger Beats has been releasing music and instrumental HipHop albums steadily, establishing a dedicated following to his heavily jazz- and soul influenced sound. That very own signature sound of his has been likened to many of his personal heroes and taken him to playing Boiler Room shows, collaborating with numerous names of HipHop’s underground such as Quelle Chris, Jeremiah Jae, Illa J or Chester Watson and counting more than 10 records on wax gaining over 40M Spotify streams on his profile to this day.

In 2018 MC Vuyo released his debut EP ‘Home Cooked Meals’ in collaboration with the arts collective North Of., showcasing his abilities as a songwriter and a producer. Besides that the South-African decendant became one of Norway’s most exciting lyricists, continuing his sonic journey by joining forces with Boy Pablo drummer Sigmund Vestrheim and his neo soul group GiddyGang in 2019. However, it should be his collaborations with the certified beat-maker OG Ol’ Burger Beats to become the most fruitful after all.

In the span of a year the two Oles – Ole Vuyo and Ole-Birger – recorded what would become not one but two collaborative projects to be released via Jakarta Records. Now following up on the 1st one – their critically acclaimed, heavily streamed and quickly sold-out debut EP “All Yours”, released in the summer of 2020 – the newly founded tag team present the 2nd one, the full-length album “Dialogue.” An album that has become a left field and conceptual rap album, inspired by spiritual and revolutionary jazz records, sweet soul music and classic New York HipHop, exploring Vuyo’s diaspora experience as well as the youthful hunger of the two creatives inviting the album’s listeners to take part in their Dialogue.

­­­The record’s unique artwork design comes from South African based visual artist and photographer Lunga Ntila – who also happens to be Vuyo’s sister, narrating through the album as she can be heard on the interludes, sharing insights and family business lovingly tying together the album as a whole.


Ol’ Burger Beats


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