One of Those Nights (feat. Woolfy) – Steamy Windows
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One of Those Nights (feat. Woolfy) – Steamy Windows

One of Those Nights (feat. Woolfy) – Steamy Windows

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One of Those Nights (feat. Woolfy) - Steamy Windows

Ambassador’s Reception head-honcho Stevie Kotey has started sorting out his archives. Relaunching the label and assuming the pseudonym Steamy Windows he’s been dusting off and souping up crowd-pleasing cuts by the score. The first fruits of this labour to be made public will be One Of Those Nights – a collaboration with cool Californian dude, Woolfy – King Of The Sun-Baked Balearic Boogie. The two of them turning in a breathless bedroom berserka of balmy, heat-stroked, blue-eyed electro street soul – suitable for fans of Apiento, Harriett Brown and Lexx’ Cosmic Shift long-player. Its bass bumping bionically, keys and guitar blown in like a breeze.
Percussion-like seashells gently washed and made to shine by the tide. While Woolfy’s whispers are the male equivalent of Brenda Ray’s intimate coo. I’ve been privy to six mixes that range from a beatless ambient calm – showing off the electric axe work and celestial synthetic flute – to bottom-end bolstered dub. L.U.C.A’s Quirky Version puts the beat right up front – big snares behind treated vocal fragments. Gating everything for a trippy, serenely stoned glide. Taken altogether this sextet forms a kind of suite, finally refocusing on the love song at its root. Dr.Rob (Ban Ban Ton Ton)

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