Opolopo – Opolopo Reworks

Opolopo – Opolopo Reworks

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Opolopo – Opolopo Reworks

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Opolopo - Opolopo Reworks

Version Galore is a newly found label, deeply rooted into the music culture.

We are bringing you the selected reworks / re-edits from the top producers in the game, showing lots of respect and care for the original, but elevating it’s spirit and taking it somewhere else.

It’s all about the dialogue of cultures and the idealistic desire to pass the music legacy on! No half-measures, played-out tunes, lazy cuts, or boring “808-kick boosting” biz!

On the first release of the label we are delighted to bring you the chosen cuts from the man that needs no introduction – Opolopo. He knows a thing or two about making a personal version of a track that can easily overshadow the original, and we guess that’s the case with the two cuts he prepared for us on this records. Things escalate fast. On the A-side you will find originally a midtempo mild jam “Go Get It”, which is turned by Opolopo into an effectively-upbeat stomper that will inject true feeling and groove in any house or disco set alike.

It’s one of those rare occasions when a soulful tune turns out to be super dance-floor efficient no matter what!

The B-side is all about the raw and emotional funky madness of “American Promise”. It’s infectious groove, pinpointed with growling sub-bass is just devastating. Epithets are irrelevant here – just play it loud, but with caution! “Version Galore – play some more!”

DJ Support:


RON TRENT – Respect! Please send it through.

MARCELLUS PITMAN – That dude plays nice! I got a few tunes he remixed. Where’s he from and yes i’d like the DL to play

TRIS TIAN B BOILER ROOM /WORLDWIDE FM – These sound dope can I get a piece of the action please! I will play it Saturdaay 2nd Sep at Dimentions beach stage on our show. It’s likely to get played a lot.

DJ AAKMAEL- Thank you so much for this release. I played both a couple of times, even though both are dope disco gems Go Get It is the track that stands out to me! Would love to bump this leading into a deep disco set!

IRFAN RAINY – RAINY CITY MUSIC – Very very nice vibes from Peter Opolopo. I want to put this in my new mix!

AHLEY BEEDLE – Just to let you know they are both wicked edits and have my full support!

DJ SPINNA – Hot To Death! Will play everywhere! Need asap!

LUKE SOLOMON – DEFECTED – Big fan! Been a big fan of Opolopo for some times – does a lot of work with us here at Defected Towers. Great to see more and more people vibing off of his talent

LAURENT GARNIER – This a very cool Disco EP, very groovy indeed. It’s a nice release. I can do radio play.

HONEY DIJON – I love it. Absolute killer tweak from Opolopo! Will def be banging this gem in my disco sets.

MARK 7- I’m still playing The Grit from a few years back but can use both these… tough to choose between them but i’d say Promise got me.

SEAN JOHNSTON- ALFOS – Very very nice..

TERRY FARLEY – American promise for me.

SEAN P BOOGIE – First track I like the best. It has a nice swing to the rhythm. The ramp version although not my favourite though, it will definitely work. I can hear that.

JIMPSTER – DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR -Loving the look and sound of this new edits label! Go Get It is an absolute gem! Played it on my last couple of gigs and had a lot of folks asking for the ID. Good luck with it all.

JUSTIN ROBERTSON -American Promise absolutely lovely track. Can’t wait to play it.

MOXIE – This is bang up my street. My next live radio on NTS is 27th September. This will be on it. Also playing on radio in Seoul this weekend.

FELIX DICKINSON -These sound SO good I would love to play them/ SIMBAD -Need this please ! FIRE 🙂 I’m doing worldwide fm radio in a few hours thanks.

BEN DAVIS – PAPER RECORDINGS -Yes yes yes, this ticks all the boxes in my DJ box. Dance floor dynamite.

DICKY TRISCO -Where do I download these bad boys! Yes like it! Both good. But American Promise is the one that is going to get the plays. THANKS!

PAUL MURPHY- CLAREMONT 56 / LENG RECORDS – These are extreme hottiness!!!

QUINN LAMONT – THE PHENOMENAL HANDCLAP BAND /PAQUA- Love this!!! Will be rocking it from backyards to balconies throughout the rest of the year!

MAX ESSA – Wow, these are amazing. Irresistible. Perfect for my Tokyo residencies – and pretty much everywhere else I might play for that matter.

JIM STANTON -HORSE MEAT DISCO – Completely lovely and brilliant release! Wish I had this last night in Croatia!! I will pump this out tomorrow at HMD Croatia,then we have our tent with Joe Goddard and Hercules at N6. Can’t wait!


BILLY CALDWELL – NEW YORK – I love these and will give plenty of play this weekend at these spots here in NYC.

JIM BARON – CRAZY P -Bangers! Definite players for me..

PHIL MISON CANTOMA & CLAREMONT -These sound AWESOME. Playing tonight in New York.

ROSS ALLEN – NTS & MI SOUL -These two definitely have the funk. Love the RAMP one because I love the song. Will be very up for playing. Please send it over Im in the US till end of next week but could be on NTS next Thursday.

CHRIS TODD – CRAZY P – These are both belters, go get it reminds me of George Benson’s World Is A Ghetto, a bit, which can’t be a bad thing!

JOHN GOMEZ -This is brill – would definitely like to take this with me to Australia in a few weeks, and have a few things coming up before then, including streams and radio so should be able to fit it in somewhere. Love Go Get It, brilliant and bouncy, nice to see an edit that has character added to it.

LOGAN FISHER – Go Get It” dynamite rework. Will drop this coming saturday for Alfresco’s boat party down the Thames.



MARK E -Excellent reworks. Yeah really like this, thanks for sending, GO GET IT for me.

TOBY TOBIAS – KILLER! Love the first track

PHAT PHIL COOPER – POTATOE HEAD BEACH CLUB BALI -Wonderful stuff will fully support

CHRIS PRICE -INKFOLK – American Promise is definitely working for me. Banging.

DANIELLE MOORE – CRAZY P -I’m favouring the Opolopo tweak …which is vibrant, energetic, fun and nicely pacey…good vibes all round on this one! Would love to play this at the weekend.

LORD LEOPARD – Love these tracks – proper party starters! Looking forward to playing out this autumn.

BLANK & JONES – Beautiful release – pure late summer vibes – guess we have to move to aust ralia to play this track out on a beach party in the next months ; ) but it will be worth it. good vibes all the way. top production that we can’t wait to include in our forthcoming radio shows for sureand the next summer is just a heartbeat away anyway.

PETE BUCKENHAM – ON THE CORNER RECORDS – Certified Bangers – can I get a d/l can I stick in mixes and play on WWFM in Oct.

GORDON KAYE -Both tracks are outstanding. Can’t wait to play. KELVIN ANDREWS – I’m totally loving these two versions/edits! FULL support from me

MIKE BEE – VINYL DREAMS SAN FRANCISCO – This – it’s SLAYING me! Particularly American Promise! Will be getting much play from me. Hopefully will be playing a few parties while here in Bali (Tokyo gig was killer!) but this is going straight in the box. Got a radio show thing happening when I’m back, I’ll let you know the details towards the end of the month!

ANDY SIMMS – SOFT ROCKS – Wonderful reworks. Can’t wait to play them this weekend and on the radio show.

BRADLEY LUCKE – CUT & SHUT DISCO – YEP and YEP , defiantly play these out! would get some spins at Dinerama for sure – nice boogie vibe . . .

NEIL DIABLO – EL DIABLO’S SOCIA CLUB – Great these. Love the american promise rework MR SHIVER – Seriously heavyweight business. I’ll be playing them both as often as possible.

ANDY TAYLOR – WE ARE THE SUNSET – Both of these edits have P-A-R-T-Y written all over them. Big smiles all the way as Go Get It’s infectious disco-house groove kicks in. Not to be outdone, American Promise struts around in a pair of funk fuelled hot pants pure energy. Love ’em.

JUSTIN PENNEY -Love them both! Back on the radio on Sunday so will be playing both!

TREVOR FUNG – OMG, it is Mass Production edit right, loving Go Get it, dancefloor killer for sure & American Promise is funky guitar madness, loving it. Want want want..

Additional support:

Brame & Hamo, Kyodai, Nachtbraker, Loz Goddart, Gerd, Kiko Navarro, Getdown Edits, Frank Booker, Roberto Rodriguez, EVM 128

Inverted Audio Premier

The Ransom Note Premier

IDJUT BOYS – Really like the Metropolis edit, send it through please ! big to thumbs up. BILL BREWSTER/ DJ HISTORY – Really good reworks.

SLOTHBOOGIE – Love the EP Will feature in our show!

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