P.A. Presents – Sax Madness EP


Sax Madness
Zero P
Protrack 1
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The second new release this year by Utrecht DJ/producer P.A. Presents (Peter Aarsman) is a highly varied EP, offering a house, techno, acid and electro track. And just like his Swirling Gas EP that was released in February, these tracks are all conceived in the 90s, and still sound fresh as a Spring morning at the top of the Dom tower.

The housey title track Sax Madness is a rather atypical track for Peter, who usually focuses on techno. But don't let the piano or breakbeats fool you, it still has the energy that we are accustomed to from P.A.'s productions. No saxophones have been harmed during the production of this track.
Talking about energy: Zero P is filled to the brim with that! Pumping, driving techno beats that remind us of Kevin Saunderson's productions, will get anyone moving. Funky stuff!
The flipside sees P.A. team up with Dazzlinj, aka his long term music buddy Jeroen Lazeroms, also from Utrecht. With Protrack 1 the two deliver a fresh and at the same time somewhat oldschool acid tune, with the 303/808 duo taking center stage.
They close off this EP with the powerful electro banger Creators. High paced electro beats are accompanied by hypnotizing strings, vocoder lyrics and a 303 for an acidic touch. Guaranteed to get crowd going!

Peter knew he wanted to be a DJ since he was ten years old, in a time when this was still a very unusual career to dream about. Long before house music had landed in Europe, Peter was fiddling around with disco and italo 12"-es and all those years of training is what made him the skilled DJ that he still is today.
While the era of house of techno of the late 80s and the 90s brought him countless DJ gigs, his reputation didn't cross the city borders much, until he bought his first gear and started producing techno music himself. His DJ background proved helpful with producing his tracks, as most of his them are dancefloor orientated and usually have an impeccable timing.
Peter debuted with the mini-album Salicylic Acid on U-TRAX in 1993, followed by the Flight Stimulator EP a year later. Both are classics today, but neither brought him the fame that his 12" Entangled did on fellow Utrecht record label Deviate, which made it to many charts and compilation albums.

All tracks have been revamped and edited into more current lengths by DJ Zero One, blessed by DJ White Delight and mastered by Thee J Johanz. Label art by Bonk Artwork.
The EP is available for download and streaming and in black and limited edition clear sky vinyl.