Partition A/B – Ilija Rudman Presents Meteor One


A1: Partition A
B1: Partition B
B2: Partition A/B (Chicken Lips Malfunction)
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Ilija Rudman has tried to make the most of his pandemic-induced lockdown by spending as much of it as possible in the best imaginable way ? by pouring his creativity into bold sonic adventures – the newly launched Ilija Rudman Presents Meteor One.

His latest endeavour is characterised by an experimental essence, live-feeling sensibilities and an extraterrestrial outlook. ?Meteor One is an outlet for musical experiments recorded and performed as ‘in concert’ stuff, laying on L.A. Grooves, cinematic, funk and spoken words? . The long arrangements build an emotion of space travelling, moving free through the galaxy… at the same time the music can move dance floors and can set up a beautiful listening experience.?

Meteor One Music is an epic musical journey, unfolding steadily over almost 25 minutes and permeated by carefully selected vox pops and spoken-word vocal samples from deep in the Rudman archives. The often sparsely-arranged instrumentation meanders over rolling drums, while a constantly evolving bass glues together waves of synths and effects as they rise and dissipate. The arrangement glides through ultra-chilled sections into stirringly energetic periods, with Ilija’s live feeling there for all to hear. The delicate music helps to cast a uniquely introspective spell, and we’re looking forward to hearing how this timely series will unfold.