Pawz One & Preed One – Murals & Mayhem


Set The Pace
Revenge Of Silky Johnson
Wage War
Out Here
That's How It Goes
Machine Gun Music
Broken Records
Love Hate
Can't Save Em All
Wage War
My Graff Mobs Still The Phreshest
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With the elements in Hip-Hop divided, Pawz One & Preed One return to their grafitti roots with the new collaboration album “Murals & Mayhem”. Pawz approaches each song as verbal graff piece that covers Preed One’s soulful and gritty background production. The duo bring the color out of topics such as tainted love, friendships, the culture of Hip-Hop and surviving the mayhem of the Los Angeles streets. Adding more to the mural are guests like Guilty Simpson, Copywrite and Ruste Juxx. Blended together each song creates a larger piece that covers the mind walls from top to bottom.