Paxton Fettel – Everything Stays the Same
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Paxton Fettel – Everything Stays the Same

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Paxton Fettel – Everything Stays the Same


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Paxton Fettel - Everything Stays the Same

GCW lovingly presents the debut album of a Mr Paxton Fettel. To cut not a particularly long story short, you’re in for a real treat.

Everything stays the same is a beautifully conceived work of house music which delves in depth and diversity, tapping into the old bittersweet emotion. It’s a true labour of love presented in Double LP format.

Amber light burns opens the mood with subtle and refined melody, a suggestive Detroit dynamic, firing arpeggiated weaving synth work and an enigmatic outlook.

A filtered funk perpetuates on Beyond the sapphire surf, fluctuating hi hats sway in and around a circulating and pulsating low end bump… freaking bass twangs, the full nine yards delivered.

When left to his own devices, utilizing real instruments along with a proper kerfuffle for a shuffle he belts out blinders. Cloud feeling really epitomises the Fettel ethic of playfulness. Blissful charm and slickness for her pleasure.

Another hanny fammer paced down slammer, Dots on the skyline displays proper musicianship placing focus on crafted drummer jams and selected keyboard gems.

Future adventures provokes seemingly effortless expression from the fender rhodes, A poolside tune for poolside loons.

Manifesting the most expressive intuitiveness of an evocative sample gets a lock in here. Lift off thumps and grinds itself along, mad with rich attenuation and weight of skills.

Pax meets Takuya, paralleling influence and sustainability a bond brings out a mad collision. Afloat on a sea of nothing is immersed in an innermost display of passion, brilliantly smoothed over in fine fashion.

Solitary returns re invites the initial heads down bruiser, going out to the lifetime chooser… Return yourself to the start why don’tcha?

1. Paxton Fettel – Amber Light Burns

2. Paxton Fettel – Beyond The Saffire Surf

3. Paxton Fettel – Cloud Feeling

4. Paxton Fettel – Dots On The Skyline

5. Paxton Fettel – Future Adventures

6. Paxton Fettel – Lift Off

7. Paxton Fettel & Takuya Matsumoto – Afloat On A Sea Of Nothing

8. Paxton Fettel – Solitary Returns

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