Piero Umiliani – Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso


You Tried to Warn Me
Le Ragazze dell'Arcipelago
Stoccolma, My Dear
Essere Donna
La Signora Cameriera
Sleep Now Little One
Notte di Mezza Estate
Solitudine (Soli archi)
Topless Party
Solitudine (Organo e ritmi)
Eva Svedese
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Another excellent soundtrack by Piero Umiliani, maybe his famous one ever, this time composed for Luigi Scattini’s film “SVEZIA, INFERNO E PARADISO” (Sweden, Heaven and Hell), a so-called ‘mondo movie’ entirely shot in the scandinavian country which the title refers to. Umiliani’s music is able to emphasize the different moods of the movie: at times dramatic, on other occasions ironic or peaceful.