Pound For Pound – Le’O Roy


A1: Vocal
B1: Part 2
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Absolutely essential funk-fuelled, disco flavoured business from Le’O Roy with ?Pound For Pound? on the mighty Golden Flamingo Records. Produced by Bobby Brinson, and P&P?s very own Peter Brown, you?ll struggle to find four and a half more electrifying, feel-good, funk-infused minutes of music than these.

Pound for pound one of the best cuts of this scene, it?s an early ?80s boogie leaning blend taking the best bits from disco, funk and soul, and adding a heavy dose of NYC spice to the mix. Punchy funk guitar licks, a driving beat laced with hypnotic cowbells and an intoxicating, gritty yet golden dose of vocal power. A rare as hen?s teeth record finally given the official reissue it?s been crying out for.