Primal Groove EP – Moonee


A1: Apples
A2: Shishingo
A3: Dinner At Michelle's
B1: Primal Groove
B2: Boka
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Track listing


SlothBoogie Records return for 2023 with a five tracker from Moonee.

Groovence Discs boss Francois Lefevre is well versed in deep grooves and has been releasing some of his finest discoveries on the label since 2015. More recently he’s been making his own deep and atmospheric productions under the Moonee moniker which took off in 2020 thanks to debut track Faith & Sorrow. Collaborations with some of the French scene?s finest producers Mangabey and Tour Maubourg soon followed as well as a remix for Sweely?s banger ‘I Gotta Keep On’.

The Wabi Sabi EP on the label landed in 2022 and was highlighted by Juno’s editorial team as ‘a sumptuous, slowly building chunk of intergalactic deep house beat loveliness’. That same EP caught the SlothBoogie crew’s eye and they immediately began working on presenting a selection of Moonee’s tracks that would celebrate their shared love of deep yet pumping Disco and House sounds.

The Primal Groove EP was born and it starts off with ‘Apples’, a Motor city soul drenched track with filtered bass, dusty horn samples and spaced out guitar licks. Shuffled along by MPC beats before an otherworldly vocal washes over and brings it all to a close. ‘Shishingo’ is up next with it?s clever vocal manipulation, bouncy drums, subtle organ flourishes and a skipping bassline that builds up to some good ol? time piano workout. Completing the A side is ‘Dinner At Michelle’s’… the most disco cut of the 12”. More shuffling shakers and filtered guitar loops backed by a thumping kick and ever circling strings leading the way for a full on 4/4 workout.

Flipping over to the B sides introduces us to the title track ‘Primal Groove’ that takes us deep into a nostalgic trip with its string swells and filtered bass. Moonee is flexing his deep house muscles on this one as snappy percussion punctuates more MPC sampling, building tension towards the reveal of the main heads down groove section? classy business. Finally for dessert is ‘Boka’ a sumptuous glistening track that?s primed for beachside sunsets. Saturated with hypnotic vibes that?ll help you drift away into a calmer, more peaceful sanctuary.