Quantum Love – Giorgia Angiuli


A1: Hidden Miracles
A2: Breakdown The Walls
A3: I Want I Will
A4: Hanuman
B1: Renew
B2: Tears Of Bliss
B3: Rainbow Island
B4: Nevermind
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Giorgia Angiuli?s 13 track album ?Quantum Love? on her UNITED label combines and contrasts fast, insistent dance beats with her signature melodic synths and dreamy lyrics; ?an eclectic work including piano downtempo tracks and techno melodic tracks with ethereal vocals? (Angiuli).

The multi-talented live artist/DJ/producer/vocalist/lyricist and studio-building tech wizard used lockdown as a creative nexus. Einstein?s ?Imagination is more important than knowledge? led her to explore quantum physics, while her first India tour inspired ongoing interest in sound meditation and philosophy, culminating in the LP.

?Quantum Love? has many moods and speeds; physics and philosophy, contemplative and full-on fast, sweet vocals, meaningful lyrics or purely instrumental, it?s all there. ??Quantum Love? is my inner soundtrack to my recent transformation, summarized in the following sentences: we are made of energy, everything is vibration. We are each our own placebo, happiness can be a choice, we have all the elements inside us for the right path. Nature can teach us everything.? (Giorgia Angiuli)


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DJ Feedback:

Sasha (Last Night On Earth) – solid!

Guy Mantzur (Kompakt, Bedrock, Lost & Found, Sudbeat) – love them all

Anthony Pappa (Selador) – The Timo Maas Remix is excellent.

AFFKT (Sincopat) – Superb remixes!

Fur Coat (Oddity / Delete) – Nice Armonica and Glowal remixes

Israel Sunshine (Fur Coat / Oddity) – Great job! digging all tracks specially Timo and Glowal

Animal Trainer (Mobilee / Stil Vor Talent) – fab remix by Armonica!

Dee Montero (Knee Deep in Sound, Selador Recordings, Anjunadeep) – Timo Maas mix for me

Siavash (You Plus One) – Glowal mix takes the cake in this ep

Chris Fortier (Thoughtless / Sullivan Room / Balance) – super super

Pisetzky (JUST THIS / Last Night On Earth / Oddity) – amazing giu

Sinca (Anjunadeep) – Great remix ep

James Trystan (Suara / Bedrock) – Feeling this!!! Timo Maas for me

Henri Bergmann (Automatik) – armonica always!

Cesar Romero (Simply City) nice!

juSt b (Bedrock / Configurations of Self) nice release, love the key work and vox.

Nhii (No Human Is Illegal) (Sounds of Khemit / Stil Vor / Kindisch) – Timo Maas remix right up my alley!