Quiet Dawn – Movements


Change Must Come
We Can Do Everything
Coming Up
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First Word Records is very pleased to welcome back Quiet Dawn with a brand new EP entitled ?Movements?.

Parisian multi-instrumentalist Will Galland has been with First Word since late 2014, providing several releases for us over the years, from his acclaimed debut album ?The First Day? to his last EP release, the organic opus ?Human Being – The Short Story Of The Reed?. Collaborations have included Makaya McCraven, Oddisee, Miles Bonny and First Word crew such as Eric Lau, Bastien Keb and Sarah Williams White, who he teamed up with on his classic remix of the track ?Hum? and most recently on the track ?One By One? which appeared on the compilation EP ?A Family Affair? at the start of 2021.

For his latest project, ?Movements? sits firmly in the realms of broken beat, after being heavily inspired at First Word?s infamous 14th birthday party at Total Refreshment Centre, where he played alongside label-mates such as Kaidi Tatham and Children of Zeus. This delectable six-track EP encompasses a series of deeply percussive grooves and squelchy synths. This is a predominantly instrumental affair, though does feature the supremely soulful vocals of Oliver Night on the track ?Change Must Come?, following on from Oliver?s work with the CoOp Presents crew amongst others.

Quiet Dawn says ?after the birth of my son, I took the time to get back to making new music.
And when I started to work on new tracks, I wanted to compose something without concept, unlike my previous records, just because time is precious and I wanted to find pleasure again when I composeand not be fixed to a concept, or a story.

These new tracks are instinctive; made with my main instruments, rhodes & piano, synths, percussions, vocals, bass and guitars. They are naturally oriented towards my big musical crush, BRUK, along with different rhythms, vibes and grooves. For me, it?s definitely a record for the dancers. For this reason, the new EP is called ?Movements?. Aside from the dancer?s element, the title relates to everything that is happening in the world at the moment, working on this record over the pandemic. Affecting people in all countries, friendship, mutual aid, solidarity and movements in many instances are very important to me, my family and my musical family, First Word.?

The influences on this particular EP come largely from the West London music scene; DKD, Bugz, Neon Phusion, 2000Black, Domu, IG Culture, Jazztronik, MdCL, the First Word fam and many many more artists. There are also heavy vibes inspired by 70?s jazz, funk, disco, latin & african music.?

?Movements? by Quiet Dawn is released on First Word Records on vinyl & digital in late 2021.