Radar EP – Various Artists


A1: Kovyazin D Feat Alexandr - Modularity
A2: Antoni Maiovvi - Proven Witch Psalm
B1: Millimetric - Espace
B2: Anton Levdikov - Vardi
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Track listing


The 5th anniversary of Bravers was marked by a vinyl release and the start of a distinctive label. These European artists have done a lot for the electronic scene and are gathered under the auspices of the Bravers in this debut. They have been welcome guests at their parties and have opened up boundaries to new sounds.

The A1 is the combined work of Kovyzain D and Alexander. In ?Modularity? they’ve united shades of Belgium new-beat and EBM and have added rhythmic and futuristic synths. The result – a perfect closing track for a journey through the industrial and cosmic layers of electronic music.

A2 ?Proven Witch Psalm? is done by British sound producer Antoni Maiovvi. The track was written upon his arrival to the US and was designed to be a relentless funk of machine abuse and futurist analog arpeggios.

B side starts with the track ?Espace? done by Marselle?s musician Millimetric. He decided to explore the theme of space conquest, the fears and difficulties of interstellar voyages. This is captured through the use of a futuristic mixture of sturdy bassline and electronic anxious sirens.

B2 track ?Vardi? by Moscow DJ and Bravers founder Anton Levdikov is a mixture of arpeggiator roaring bass and Industrial stabs. The sound is complemented by a new-beat and Italo?s sound legacy.