Radio Citizen – Lost & Found


World Of Peace
Seashores Of The Eye
Upper Class
Eastern Sun
Rule No One
New York City Beat
Going Down
One Eyed
Slow Living
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Lost & Found presents unreleased material from Bajka and Niko Schabel, famous for their hits "The Hop" and "Summertime" with fans all over the world.

Radio Citizen is stronger on Spotify than ever with 800 000 streams per month and 40 million streams overall. It has been featured in a lot of serials (f.e. Californication, Grey?s Anatomy, Suits, Criminal Minds), in Hollywood movies (f.e. Sony motion picture Takers) and documentaries (f.e. The Last Catch, Football Under Cover).

Radio Citizen is a project by mastermind Niko Schabel and a group of musicians from Berlin and Munich, including Marja Burchard (Embryo), Wolfi Schlick (Express Brass Band) and Johannes Schleiermacher (Training, Shake Stew with Shabaka). Musically diverse, it had been tagged: deep krautjazz dubecho clubculture electricarcadia freesoul

Bajka is a vocalist and artist born in India with a distinctive voice that reminds in some ways of Billie Holiday and Erykah Badu. Apart from Radio Citizen she worked with Beanfield (check out the Carl Craig remix), Bonobo and many others. And she released music under her own name, there?s a wonderful single on Jazzman, Bajka in Wonderland and Bajka with Rejoicer.

This record is a dive into the history of Radio Citizen?s early Berlin days and in spite of all the time gone by this album sounds as edgy and fresh as "Berlin Serengeti" and "Hope and Despair" from the years 2006 and 2010.

It combines Downtempo, Jazz, electronic music and Hiphop in an effortless way.

?Radio Citizen and Bajka has to be one of the most perfect partnerships in downtempo electronic music. Another beautiful album here taking the listener through a wide variety of dense cinematic soundscapes, peppered with Bajka's hazy messages and reflections. Timeless and essential!?

Quinton Scott (founder of Strut records)