Resound presents Rhytual

Resound presents Rhytual

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Resound presents Rhytual

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Resound presents Rhytual

Release Date – 9th August 2019

A celebration of our primal connection to rhythm and dance woven deep into the fabric of our collective subconscious. No less.

Rhytual is an evolution in the career of the Finnish artist Ilpo Kärkkäinen (also known as Resound) . The project, rooted in live performance, sees him transform the moody sonics he’s known from in his drum’n’bass work into something completely new. Refusing to be defined by traditional genre boundaries, Rhytual is about hypnotic soundscapes that move you deep into a dreamy world of abstraction, myth and wonder.

“Rhytual grew out of necessity,” says Ilpo. “ After more than 20 years of making electronic music I had come to a point in my life and career where I wanted to create something even more personal, important and meaningful.”

“I’m deeply intrigued by the nature of reality. Myth and science. Nature and technology. Ancient history and distant future. How we can see it’s all connected, yet so much remains a mystery.”

“Rhytual is a platform to push my craft to the next level and do something larger with it. It allows me to learn and explore, but also to focus on the essential and condense my art.”

Live performance is central to Rhytual. Ilpo performs with the same hardware setup he also uses to create the music: an analog drum machine, a synthesiser and a sampler. The live show is raw, powerful and hypnotizing. A unique moment in the river of time – like a shamanic journey, shared between everyone in the space and never again to be repeated the same.

“Music allows us to come together and step into an altered reality. It is a healing experience. That is sacred. That is Rhytual.”

a1. Rhytual – Gnosis

a2. Rhytual – Deus

b1. Rhytual – Pagan

b2. Rhytual – Unsung

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