Rua de Cima do Muro – Pablo Valentino


A1: Rua de Cima do Muro
A2: Rua de Cima do Muro (Kai Alc? NDATL Smooth Interpretation)
B1: My F*cked Up Left Ear
B2: Not Yet
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Pablo Valentino steps up on Handy with Kai Alc? on the remix!

The A1 fuses funk, guitars & piano to great effect, creating a slice of classic contemporary house. Kai Alc?s remix adds extra percussion and drums to take it down dancier route.

Low-slung beats, warm synths and lush pads play in harmony on the B1 to great affect, ‘Not Yet’ rounds off the record with an eerie vocal seriously trippy percussions whilst still keeping it danceable!