Ruffhouse Presents: Rufftrax Vol. 4 [CD]
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Ruffhouse Presents: Rufftrax Vol. 4 [CD]

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Ruffhouse Presents: Rufftrax Vol. 4 [CD]

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Ruffhouse Presents: Rufftrax Vol. 4 [CD]

Release Date – 29th March 2019

Red-eyed kids and the smell of booze at the breakfast table? Your daughter eloping with a DJ and your son hanging around in front of the jeweller’s window where the gold chains at or in the gym all the time? That means Ruffhouse Take Ova! The gang around Top Shotta has caused quite a storm during the last few years and blew out the scene’s muff. Where many leave their favourite tech house club screaming when the first broken beats drop, the party just starts for Ruffhousers! Versatility has been and will always be the foundation of this collective. Three label compilations, several vinyl releases, excessive sessions from Munich to Berlin and an increased spritzer consume throughout Germany are showing proof that the concept works.

In February comes the time, when even the last leek will understand that these guys are the real deal. Compilation No.4 will be hitting the scene, featuring a bunch of sick artists, amongst these grenades like Desto, L-VIS 1990 or Munich’s Cyber Dancehall export hit Schlachthofbronx, who – just like L-VIS 1990 – will be contributing a CD-exclusive remix respectively track. Top Shotta has got the biggest thighs in the biz and his filigree hand as a curator feeds the ruff creative pool perpetually with testo energy. The selection process for No.4 almost took him a year, and the fans will be delighted to encounter tracks by new artists like Lowquid, Lyeform, Munich’s unsigned hype Sturmmaske plus Filter Dread and many more. No need to mention that the Ruffhouse Crew will be dropping some severe bangers, too.

01. Koala – Base

02. Lowquid – The Fall

03. Lyeform – Eyes Of The Zodiac

04. Desto – Flicker Blade

05. Yonkers Tale – Clone A31

06. Circuit 900 – Yabao

07. L-Vis 1990 – Untitled 5 4 Trak [CD Exclusive]

08. Cabasa & Lack – Untitled

09. Mignon – Wasted DNA (feat. Moldy)

10. Sturmmaske – Egal (Yonkers Tale & Top Shotta Remix)

11. Yonkers Tale & Top Shotta – Power Supply 24V

12. Tymotica – Galaxies Of Dust (Schlachthofbronx Remix) [CD Exclusive] 

13. Filter Dread – Micro Bionics

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