Russell Haswell – As Sure as Night Follows Day


Oblique Axis
Let's Go
Wholly Unaware
Champagne Walk
Rave Splurge No!se Fm
Improvisation #1
In the Air Today
Gas Attack
Drive (Minimal)
Heavy Handed Sunset
Underwater Electronic Struggle
Confirmation of Our Worst Fears
Hardwax Flashback
Broken Mantra
Extended Industry Knowledge (For Oscar)
No!se Rave
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Practically bursting at the seams with destructive energy, 'As Sure As Night Follows Day' can be viewed as a flashback to 30 years of aktion at the coal face of extreme/ electronic music. Recollections of Napalm Death and grindcore shows in the Black Country bleed into strobing reflections on megaraves at Coventry's Eclipse, whilst the traumas of besuited early '90s J-Noise scrap for space in the memory banks with irrevocable experience of witnessing Hood & Mills in their Hardwax heyday