Sara Berts – Ayni


Por La Quebrada
Luvia En El Tambo
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** 140gr Vinyl // limited edition // introduction text written by the artist on the back cover// die-cut hole in the rear // printed in cmyk **
"Ayni is the immersive debut ep of Sara Berts, producer and composer based in Turin, who self-described the record as a gift from the plants and for the plants.
The field recordings flowing through the whole record come from the Peruvian Amazon forest, where she spent 3 months in 2019 while seeking personal healing.
All the other sounds come from the Buchla Easel and were recorded in Italy during the suspended time of the 2020 strict lockdown.
Two different times and spaces linked together through isolation and uncertain feelings for the future.
However, Ayni doesn't contain any element of darkness but is inspired by a sense of redemption and healing arising from these events.
A tense but positive attitude flows through all the tracks of the ep, giving back a feeling of harmony and peace.
A thoroughly immersive record that deserves a deep listening to explore and appreciate all the different shades of sound and emotion it contains."