Screen Shadow – Vegan Tinder Lord


Vegan Tinder Lord
Black Piano
Scanna Hex
In Darkness
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Emerging this January with a duo of debut EPs, Black (Vegan Tinder Lord) and White (Hexxex) , ??r??n ?HA?/W blends pummelling techno, industrial grit and experimental noise for a mood-spanning sound inspired by everything from Google Street View to visiting the dentist.
The Black EP gleans from the heavier end of the club music spectrum, plunging into a hardcore well of nosebleed kicks and synapse-frying synths that bang with raw dancefloor energy. The White EP pauses for reflection, transforming Screen Shadow's spiky reveries into tightly-woven technicolour dreamscapes.
Track highlights include the humour-spiced, pitch-shifted "Vegan Tinder Lord"?immortalised by its disembodied, Amnesia Scanner-esque voice?and the percussive, hardstyle-tinged assault course of "Scanna Hex". Inspired by the unpleasant act of a dentist drilling a tooth cavity, "Bodies" burrows deep into your brain, while the glitchy experimentalism of "Corridor" gets under your skin.
Across the two EPs, vocals are processed and reshaped into other sounds using the sculpture-primed Nord modulars. These '90s instruments have since been discontinued, but remain a staple in the Screen Shadow studio and the upcoming live setup.
Artwork and music go hand in hand, with logo designer Number III (Paul Nicholson, Aphex Twin logo designer ) cooking up the striking black and white imagery.