she luv it – S/T (Remastered)


Self Discipline
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In the deepest hour of nightfall, an explosion occurs on

the horizon. An explosion so bright that daylight shows,

just for a moment. For the brief second, the landscape

is exposed, vulnerable, like the alb of a high priest.

4 figures stand on a stand of gold leaf, staring out

into a slow sea of crude oil. Invoke a violence from

the sea, they say. The light goes out, and stays out.

She Luv It carries in them an energy similar to a ritual of violence

that can be heard in the music of Northern Europe as well.

The recording quality is bright with vocals that chug through an

almost cassette-like sound. Bent notes harken back to Northern

European scenery of "woods" and "darkness",

but where they waded into shit politics rather than better

music, She Luv It begins on a sturdy foundation of technical

skill and intentional sound. Invoke the violence in yourself,

stare into the black sea, and scream until your throat

bleeds. This is She Luv It.