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The Wroc?aw band ?lina returns with their third studio album, this time recorded with Miko?aj Trzaska.

This is not the album of Trzaska + ?lina or ?lina + Trzaska. This is ?lina Trzaska (a kind of wordplay in polish, means: The saliva cracks). A kind of full, new band that was created in the outstanding Sudeten studio Monochrom and is sometimes continued live.

Free improvisations and Krautrock motility are still the hallmark of ?lina, but the organic, radical sound of Miko?aj Trzaska's saxophone and clarinet gives this music a completely new character. From silence and delicacy of ambient to hurricane and violence, full of nuances, interfering motifs associated with Jewish music, it sounds as if the musicians already knew each other from the sandbox, even if they lived in other cities.

There are 4 tracks on the album, traditionally titled as their lengths.

This vinyl version is a 20-inch (!) Hybrid: a 180-gram black 12-inch, traditionally pressed, and an equally black 8-inch cut by Uncle Gusstaff in Studio im. Witolda Gombrowicza in Zielona G?ra.

Miko?aj Trzaska – alto sax / bass clarinet
Matylda Gerber – alto/tenor/baritone sax
Filip Zakrzewski – electric guitar / SFX
Miko?aj Nowicki – double bass / synth / percussion
Stanis?aw Olek – drums/percussion