Smokey Joe & The Kid – War is Over


Motherless Jazz
Mama Gave Ya
Let's Go
Beasts on Beat
Over the Limit
Stick Up
Dirty Waters
Prohibition 3
No Reflection
Culture Clash
Get it Done
War is Over
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Europe minus France only
60 million streams after their 2nd opus Running To The Moon, the duo's 3rd album, War Is Over, is a dive into 70's funk and soul with the same will to get the essential: the beauty of the melodies and the implacable groove. The Hip-Hop instrumentals on which singers and MCs seem to have more fun than ever, serve as a link to the whole.
Recorded mainly in Bordeaux, this new opus marks a turning point in the group's production method. The brass section present on the Running To The Moon tour was involved in the composition and thus brings a more organic touch to the sound of the album.
As usual, the duo has surrounded themselves with a horde of cult singers and MCs: R.A The Rugged Man, Pav4n & Illaman, Yoshi Di Original, Blake Worrell, MysDiggi or the young hopeful Yudimah (Fair 2020 winner) and the Englishman C.W Jones.
War is Over sounds like a declaration of love to black American music, from Early Jazz to Hip Hop, via Soul and Funk.