so. mind – Born to Live
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so. mind – Born to Live

so. mind – Born to Live

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so. mind – Born to Live

Track listing

so. mind - Born to Live

Berlin Bass Collective are back for their 8th full record and with this we see a much called for full vinyl from so. mind.

Having previously featured on the label with a digital release that turned out to be one of the most uplifting and sought after BBC records from the summer of 2018.

This time he brings his unique deep but uplifting swagger into 2019 with an EP of super cuts that would grace any dancefloor… This record has more to it than most.

“Elevating Mind” gets things going on the right path, heavy machine rhythm, dusty thick pads and carefully curated acid make this track so deep and fulfilling.

Following that, and after many requests for a vinyl release, we have “Callin’ For Ya”. Having this monster track on vinyl is a treat for all with pianos and beefy drums, the Peanut butter and Jam of the music world.

“Good Conditions” and “Moonshine Shuffle” stretch things again, always well balanced and deep, tasteful to the point of restraint without ever feeling restrained.

This is the careful balance so. mind has worked so hard to get across, deep and full of different types of energy.

The balanced appproach is perfectly evidenced by the B2 “Stif”, closing out the EP with a huge arp, amazing percussive work and borderline balaeric vibes.

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