Soft Nature – Super JV


A1: Secret Dream
A2: Caribbean Queen
B1: Secret Dream (Lipelis 'Dance in your Dream' Remix)
B2: Eastward
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Celebrating the debut release of a talented musician Super JV on the new record label DISCO.VERY. Four dreamy balearic dance floor heaters are perfect for your summer parties.

“Secret Dream” is a groovy track that combines Chicago house vibes with dreamy piano riffs. The killer bass line and the rhythm pays tribute to 80s music culture. Opening chords evoke love and good vibes, the piano chords and melodic lines on flute and vibraphone infuse the track with captivating shades of that era.

?Caribbean queen? emerged spontaneously blending 707 rhythm and DX7’s kalimbas and JX-3P?s violin added the necessary lightness to the track. A story of love for nature, or rather its melodic image. Lipelis?s ?Dance in your dream? remix of the first track is a stunning sunrise banger made in collaboration with James Isaacs from Donald?s House duo.

“Eastward” embraces the roots of late 80s dance music and captures the warmth and vibrant aesthetics of dream house.

Support from
Alex Egan, Kiko Navarro, Red Rack?em, Alex Barck (Jazzanova), Nascii, Pete Herbert, Hunee, Felix Dickinson, Severino, JKriv, Hunee, Aroop Roy, Luke Bestrom and others.