Solstice II – Various Artists


A1: Sheila Chandra - Raqs (A Zillas on Acid Mutation)
A2: I?igo Vontier - Timbale (Makale Mix)
B1: Sababa 5 & Yurika - Nasnusa (Kino Todo & Danelz Remix)
B2: Andi Otto - Amakondera (feat. Evariste Karinganire)
B3: Golden Bug - Toro
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Multi Culti return with five mind-altering bangers on SOLSTICE II, an appropriately diverse collection of music for the label?s flagship 12? series AXIAL TILT, celebrating cosmic collisions, chaos magick, transcendent dance and inner balance. In a watershed moment for the globally-garnered imprint, SHEILA CHANDRA?s ?RAQS? gets a licensed rework by ZILLAS ON ACID and it?s a bonafide spine-shaking psychedelic chakra-elevator. Keeping up the energy level but speeding up the tempo, CALYPSO CULT regular, Mexico’s INIGO VONTIER shreds out powerful didgeridoo-based peak-time ignition on the A2. FRENZY, already. The B-side kicks off with a massive main-room remix of SABABA 5 ?NASNUSA? courtesy of Israeli trance-master KINO TODO & DANELZ, chopping the amazingly catchy and beautiful vocals of Japanese vocalist YURIKA into a club-pumping ear-worm.

ANDI OTTO brings things back down to the lower tempos Multi Culti is associated with, joining forces with Rwandan dancer and singer EVARISTE KARINGANIRE for a wonky, stompy and most of all unique track. Finally, cult wizard GOLDEN BUG turns in another spooky, subliminal groove, sounding like Toulouse Low Trax having a puff with Aleister Crowley – witchy incantation meets hypnotic beat