Some Old Shit EP (2019 Remaster) – ATR
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Some Old Shit EP (2019 Remaster) – ATR

Some Old Shit EP (2019 Remaster) – ATR

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Some Old Shit EP (2019 Remaster) - ATR

The producer behind this project wished to remain anonymous when we released this EP back in 1996, but 23 years later we can be a bit more candid: it’s none other than Utrecht DJ legend Peter Aarsman, a.k.a. P.A. Presents!

This EP contains exactly what the title says: some old shit. The tracks are made in less than one hour, recorded on cassettes and then forgotten about. They were found again at the bottom of an old cardboard box back in 1996. Because we liked the vibes in these tracks still a million times more than most of the shit that was released in the mid-nineties, we decided to put these tracks out in a limited edition of 600 copies. All tracks sound raw, and are sometimes unfinished even. What’s more: Peter didn’t bother to come up with titles. So just follow the instructions on the vinyl’s label: grab a marker and make up your own titles!

Peter knew he wanted to be a DJ since he was ten years old, in a time when this was still a very unusual career to dream about. Long before house music had landed in Europe, Peter was fiddling around with disco and italo 12″-es and all those years of training is what made him the awesome DJ that he still is today.
While the era of house of techno of the late 80s and the 90s brought him countless DJ gigs, his reputation didn’t cross the city borders much, until he bought his first gear and started producing techno music himself. Peter is well-known for his intuitive approach of techno, helped by his DJ background. His live-gigs are famous for the enormous amount of energy they radiate. At home, at his Analogue Treasury Room, he records his tracks in a way that is very similar to playing live. This usually results in fierce and energetic Detroit-style techno tracks, that work perfectly well on the dancefloor.
Peter debuted with the mini-album Salicylic Acid on U-TRAX in 1993, followed by the Flight Stimulator EP a year later. Both are classics today, but neither brought him as much fame as his 12″ Entangled did on Deviate, a record label that was started by a couple of our friends from Utrecht a year prior to U-TRAX. Entangled made it to many charts and compilation albums, including Carl Craig’s mix CD as part of !K7’s DJ-Kicks series.

Original release date: August 1996.
Available on original vinyl and remastered for downloading and streaming.

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