Stillhead – Copenhagen [2xCD Album]
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Stillhead – Copenhagen [2xCD Album]

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Stillhead – Copenhagen [2xCD Album]

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Stillhead - Copenhagen [2xCD Album]

Released 23rd February 2018

Copenhagen, the new album from Stillhead mixes experimental, cinematic and futuristic dub, glimpses of drum & bass and his trademark deep, expansive, intricate sound. Immersive and wide-screen electronica meets ultra-tight percussion with a variety of vocals peppered throughout.

Alongside a full album of original tracks, there are a host of incredible remixes which bring the sounds of Stillhead that little closer to the dance floor.
Bop, Hatti Vatti, Versa, Tonik Ensemble, Mr. Roque, Generate, Other Spectrum and Another Channel all bring their unique sounds and production genius to the table taking their remixes in a range of new directions.

The album is Stillhead’s document of his year spent living in the Danish capital. 


01 Dusk

02 Spirit Remains

03 Hide Me (feat. pille.riin)

04 End Point (feat. Lee Chapman)

05 Bittersweet

06 Sydhavn

07 Christmas Eve

08 Colossus

09 Slowly Descend Into Madness (feat. Mu Vonz)

10 Nirvana


01 Hide Me (feat. pille.riin) (Bop Remix)

02 End Point (feat. Lee Chapman) (Other Spectrum Remix)

03 Christmas Eve (Festive Knees-up Version)

04 Sydhavnen

05 Dusk (Hatti Vatti Remix)

06 Spirit Remains (Tonik Ensemble Remix)

07 Hide Me (feat. pille.riin) (Versa Remix)

08 Colossus (Another Channel Remix)

09 Nirvana (Generate Remix)

10 Slowly Descend Into Madness (feat. Mu Vonz) (Mr. Roque Remix)

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