Stupeflip – Parenthèse


Don't Want To Cry Anymore
Olga's Theme
Tech vacances
Alain's Complaint
Wilasi you again
Italian Serenade
Alice's Theme
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In 2013, between Hypnoflip Invasion and Stup Virus, Julien Barthélémy aka Stupeflip composed the soundtrack for Parenthèse, the first feature film directed by Bernard Tanguy. Julien and Bernard had recently met at a photo exhibition by Nathalie Sauvegrain, whose film Océane Bernard produced. Bernard, who has just been nominated for a César and shortlisted for an Oscar for a short film, is developing his first feature-length film as a director: Parenthèse, a buddy film about the feeling of growing old, an in camera film on a sailing boat in the Mediterranean, set against the magnificent backdrop of the Port-Cros and Porquerolles National Park (Var). A Stupeflip fan, Bernard considered Julien to compose the music, in his Pop Hip version rather than King Ju, convinced that his 80's style would fit perfectly with the nostalgic vision of the heroes of the story and that Stupeflip was also capable of bridging the gap between generations. Julien composed 11 tracks for the occasion, 8 of which found their way into the final version of the film. The title track, "Parenthèse", features arrangements by Anne Gravoin's string orchestra, giving it a depth and density never before seen in Stupeflip's discography. For the 10th anniversary of the filming, the soundtrack, which was only available on the DVD released in 2017, is being offered for the first time in a remastered version (Marie Pieprzownik, Translab), including 3 previously unreleased tracks not included in the original cut.
Available for the first time on vinyl in a remastered version + 3 previously unreleased tracks