Summers Sons – The Rain


The Rain
A Moment To Bill It
Space To Breathe
Blue Skies
The Sequel
Just A Drop In The Ocean
The Rain
Orange Moon
The Rain
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“The Rain” is the second full-length album by South London jazz rap group Summers Sons. Summers Sons are Turt (vocals) and Slim (production). They are actual brothers, Summers is their surname.
Since signing with Melting Pot Music in 2017, Summers Sons have released a mini-album “Undertones” and their debut album “Uhuru” (a joint venture with pianist and singer C.Tappin). They have been featured on albums by Twit One and Flatpocket, toured with Children of Zeus and played shows with Melodiesinfonie and FloFilz. The latter also remixed one of their songs as did Twit One and Cap Kendricks.
Both Summers Sons projects “Undertones” and “Uhuru” accumulated more than 3 million streams each and the band has build a strong fanbase in UK and Germany.
With the “The Rain” Summers Sons are entering new territory. Musically “The Rain” is the most advanced piece of work the duo has come forward with so far. Slim is breaking away from traditional song structures while keeping his trademark sound intact. The beats on “The Rain” are sparse and ever changing at the same time. Slim creates strong atmospheres and elodies which provides the perfect backdrop for Turt's introspective and sometimes painfully personal lyrics. One of the album's main topics is the unexpected death of Turt's and Slim's stepfather in November 2018.
„The Rain is a story of loss, love and new beginnings. A Summers Sons album for the Winter." Turt writes in the album liner notes. It provides "Sunshine for grey days. A promise of blue skies when the clouds won't clear. This is an ode to absent shadows. For anybody that misses somebody. The sun don't always shine but we need The Rain to grow. The seeds will flower, even out of the darkest cracks in the pavement.”