Sunrom – Spirale EP
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Sunrom – Spirale EP

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Sunrom – Spirale EP

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Sunrom - Spirale EP

The fourth release on Anna Wall’s label marks Sunrom’s debut. “I am not inspired with the daylight” he says. “I prefer the night to the day. Everything is peaceful and people are asleep. It gives me a feeling to be alone, especially when it’s really late”. It is perhaps the peaceful surroundings of Saint-German-en-Laye in France, where Romain Nouhi AKA Sunrom resides that has encouraged his creative wandering. The city is a quiet place not far from Paris, with a beautiful Chateau and forest surroundings.

The EP kicks off with “Spirale”; delightfully uplifting and playful, weaving colourful melodies intricately together. “Pray” takes a more pensive and wistful turn. On the flip Copenhagen’s Paxton Fettel has remixed “Superfly” full of feel-good piano riffs. The final cut is DJ Normal 4’s version of “U Doing”, a dreamy breaks number that wouldn’t sound out of place in the golden era of UK rave. The original versions will be released digitally later down the line.

I have a passion for stars and the cosmos, discovering new sounds is like discovering new stars” Sunrom.

Online Press:

Mixmag Review (in print) – Spirale EP – Score 9.0

Mixmag premiere ‘U Doing’ DJ Normal 4’s Mellifluous MixX

Ransom Note premiere ‘Spirale’

Tsugi (France) Review

SlothBoogie premiere ‘Super Fly’ Paxton Fettel Remix

Radio Support:

NTS / Mr Beatnick: 6min – Sunrom ‘Spirale’

Axel Boman – Red Bull Radio

Jimpster / Freerange Radio – 29/08

DJ Support:

Nick Holder – “Dope!” 4/5

Roy Davis Jr – “I’m really digging the uniqueness in sound of this project. You have my full support on this. Pray & Superfly is my vibe” 5/5

Jacques Renault – “I dig this Superfly track” 4/5

Detroit Swindle – “DOPE STUFF…”

Hannah Holland – “Love these! Heady summer vibes” 5/5

Marlon Hoffstadt – “Remixes for me! Big ups for the label <3” 5/5

Dave Harvey – “Feeling the Normal 4 Remix here – thanks for sending” 4/5

FYI Chris – “DOPE AF! Pray and the Normal 4 mix muy fuego” 5/5

Axel Boman – “Really love Spirale! Thanks” 5/5

Nachtbraker – “Excellent release. Digging all the tunes. Cheers!” 5/5

DJ Seinfeld – “I played the Normal 4 stuff in Switzerland and it was banging!”

Baltra – “Vibey release, really feeling the DJ Normal 4 ‘MixX’ :)” 4/5

M.ono – “Thank you for sending me the EP. Beautiful stuff, Spirale and the Paxton Fettel remix are really dope!” 4/5

Loz Goddard – “Will definitely be supporting! Pray is my pick here but also love the remixes. Cheers for sending” 4/5

Jad & The – “Dope full support will play on the radio show!” 5/5

Danvers – “Beautiful EP, the Paxton Remix is huge!” 4/5

Tom Trago – “Thanks!” 4/5

Jimpster – “Spirale sounds great! Definitely something I’ll be playing out in my sets” 4/5

The Revenge – “Dope selection here. Both remixes working for me and the original of Pray. Cheers!” 4/5

Severino (Horse Meat Disco) – “OH YES Spirale and Superfly are my fav” 5/5

Fouk – “Classic sounds! Reminds us of Global Underground and before from back in the days” 3/5

Llorca / Art Of Tones – “Great EP! Lots of very different stuff here, loving the broken beats of Pray and U Doing! Thanx!” 5/5

Iron Curtis – “Liking both remixes! Cheers and thanks!” 3/5

Laurence Guy – “Spirale is sick” 4/5

Johannes Albert – “Sweet!” 4/5

Seb Wildblood – “this is sounding great! Big up”

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