Superposition – Superposition


Ballad No. 3
For the Fallen
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Superposition is a new explosive group from Helsinki. Led by drummer Olavi Louhivuori, the quartet features Linda Fredriksson and Adele Sauros on saxes and Mikael Saastamoinen on bass. Louhivuori is known from his solo projects, his band Oddarrang, plus his inspired work with the likes of Tomasz Stanko. Fredriksson is best known from Mopo and Saastamoinen OK:KO. Sauros ranks among the most noteworthy new rising stars in the Finnish scene. The band's debut album is released by Helsinki's We Jazz Records on March 27.
On their debut alsbum including 8 original compositions (6 by Louhivuori and one each by Fredriksson and Saastamoinen), Superposition present a powerful statement rich in musical ideas and solid in their execution. Beginning with the fire music of the album opener and first single "Antiplace", the group move into pastoral soundscpaes, such as the ending track "March". This is music for repeated listening, deep and darkly-toned yet bursting with the intensity of the new group. All throughout the album's different moods, Superposition sound remarkably together here.
"Superposition" is released by We Jazz Records on vinyl (black and orange editions), CD and digitally.