Swearin’ To God Remixes – Johnny D Presents Featuring Frankie Valli


A1: Johnick Organic Disco Mix
B1: Mike Maurro Mix
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Johnny ?D? DeMairo is a veteran of the New York house scene – he frequently appeared on the legendary Henry Street Music imprint in the ?90s – but in recent years he’s devoted more studio time to reworking classic disco and soul cuts.

He’s at it again here, rising to the challenge of rearranging and tweaking Frankie Valli’s classic 1975 disco-soul jam ‘Swearin’ To God’. His A-side ‘Johnick Disco Mix’ is an organic, slowly building affair that makes the most of the original’s flanged guitar licks, sweet backing vocals, Philly Soul style orchestration, laidback dancefloor groove and Valli’s inspired lead vocals.

Over on the flip, the ‘Maurro Mix’ is a much more languid and super-sweet affair, with a little less dancefloor focus. It’s no less inspired or entertaining, though.