The Aesthetics of Japanese Electronic Music Vol 1 – Various Artists


A1: Kaoru Inoue - Em Paz
A2: Gabby & Lopez - Drive form the Miracle (Kaoru Inoue Remix)
A3: Inner Science - Alight
B1: Aquarium - Rainy Night in Shibuya (Deepspace Slow Down Mix)
B2: Naohito Uchiyama - Shugetsu
B3: Keta Ra - Equals
C1: Yuu Udagawa - Infinite Possibility
C2: Noah Gemini - Mysterious Lot
C3: Sauce 81 - Sign of Secret Love
C4: Keita Sano - Tai + Dai
D1: Waltz - Folkesta
D2: Kuniyuki - Free
D3: Ken Ishii presents Metropolitan Harmonic Formulas - Can You Feel It (feat. Metropolitan Harmonic Formulas and Naruyoshi Kikuchi)
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Cosmocities presents a brand new music project dedicated to Japanese electronic music. His influence on our vision and endeavours was paramount to the development of our catalogue. The first volume gets the ball rolling with a fine assortment of mostly ambient, electronica and deep house-focussed joints, which outlines with its sounds a dreamy atmosphere.