The Connection Machine – BlackHole+


8 Minutes
Echoes From Tau Ceti
Space Cadets On Leave
Echoes From Tau Ceti
Evil Earth
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Downtempo techno stars The Connection Machine return with stunning re-release, featuring unreleased tracks and Legowelt remix of classic Echoes From Tau Ceti.

Four years after the re-release of their debut The Dream Tec Album on U-TRAX, the Dutch downtempo techno duo The Connection Machine returns with a second highly anticipated re-release. BlackHole+ contains remastered versions of most of the tracks on their original The Black Hole EP, released on U-TRAX in 1995, plus five tracks from their highly sought-after EPs on Tabernacle Records: Lost Connection and Lost Machine (with electro outfit Lost Trax on the flipside).

The original Black Hole EP had black labels and all details of the release were added as a computer-spoken track on the b-side. For this re-release, this track was removed and a Legowelt remix was added of the still immensely popular track Echoes From Tau Ceti.

The CD, cassette and digital versions will bring even more goodness in the form of two brand new tracks (Theorems, Theorems and Together), bringing the total number of tracks to eleven. As usual with U-TRAX releases, the cassette version boast yet another previously unreleased bonus track, Thinking Machine 23, plus the original 13 minute version of 8 Minutes.