The Dining Rooms – Tre


La Città Nuda
Flamenco Sketches
Dreamy Smiles
Fightin' 4 Rebirth
Prigionieri del Deserto
Astro Black
African Loungesters
Anima per Amarti
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"Tre" is the new long-awaited 12-track album by The Dining Rooms out for Schema after two lps on the research label Milano2000, "Subterranean Modern" and "NumeroDeux" and a lot of appearances on the most important atmospheric-downtempo compilations. 12 tracks and 2 videos to be precise (Maria Arena is the brillant filmaker working with TDR). 12 elements redefining the borders of TDR music, drawing inspiration from Jazz, Africanism, Hip-Hop, House, Soul with true eclectism. "Tre" is a turning point in the history of TDR and represent a sort of change of perspectives.