The Dining Rooms – Turn To See Me


Lungo il Fiume e sull'Acqua
Gli Inglesi e gli Americani
Turn to See Me
I Am Here
Energy and Love
Empty Window/Empty Space
What's Your Path, Man
Water and Sea
Pronuncia di Levante
Notturno Cileno
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?Turn To See Me? is yet another step forward for The Dining Rooms, an artistic duo that never lacked creativity. This ninth album of theirs is a further confirmation: an intense record, inevitably influenced by the events of the last two years and therefore imbued with dark and melancholy sounds, but at the same time positive and aimed at a hopefully better future. Once again, there are numerous collaborations and blends of various musical genres (hip-hop, folk, jazz, electronic, trip hop) that do not, however, betray the ?cinematic? trademark of the Milanese outfit.