The Dream Tec Album (2019 Remaster) – The Connection Machine
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The Dream Tec Album (2019 Remaster) – The Connection Machine

The Dream Tec Album (2019 Remaster) – The Connection Machine

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The Dream Tec Album (2019 Remaster) - The Connection Machine

The third release on U-TRAX in 1993 was also a third debut, this time by Natasja Hagemeier and Jeroen Brandjes. Early in their career, they used several artist names, but became most commonly known as The Connection Machine. With their debut mini-album The Dream Tec Album they more or less described their style: dreamy techno. It became an instant Dutch techno classic and U-TRAX is proud and delighted to offer a fully remastered re-release, including three never before released bonus tracks (one of which is digital-only).
Natasja and Jeroen resided in Utrecht back in the 90s. In 1991 they assembled all their ideas and recorded the track ’24 Hours’ with DJ Paradize. In their early recording years, they had three producer-names (Syndrome, The Connection Machine and Bitch&Bites), that were all collected under the The Utroid Machine Missions umbrella, which was used for their debut on U-TRAX.
All tracks on The Dream Tec Album are The Connection Machine’s earliest works, from the 1991/1992 years.
Original release date: July 1993.
Re-release scheduled for April 19, 2019.
This special re-release will be available in digital form for download and streaming, on double black 180 grams vinyl and limited edition double ultramarine 180 grams vinyl. Vinyl comes with 30×30 cm insert art, designed by the artist. Re-mastered and mastered (the bonus tracks) by Bally Hoo Studios.
“Outstanding IDM. bagged immediately.” Vince Watson — “Mindblowing stuff in the true spirit of real techno music.” Legowelt — “Real quality, so much creativity. Top work.” Iron Blu — Intergalactic FM “Only one word: brilliant! thanks for the music.” Marcel Heese — Tresor “Absolutely killer release!” Parasole — “Absolutely sick.” Locked Groove — “Fantastic release. Thank you so much, amazing warm up tools here!” Nørbak — “Not quite sure how I missed this album in the 90’s. This record is moody, melodic, dark, chill, all of this and still can be cranked on the dance floor. Hard to pick one track here, but X Manray is so fucking gorgeous I can’t stand it. Another solid reissue from U-Trax, keep ’em coming!” Oliver Chapoy — Certain Creatures “Wonderful album finally reissued!” Mischa — Hardwax “Amazing!” Gizmo — Berceuse Heroique

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