The High Voices & Shlomo Gronich – Halilit Kesem / Please Stay


Halilit Kesem
Please Stay
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Todres Records, the uprising middle eastern boutique label from Tel Aviv, is proud to present it's first official 7" reissue release: A double A side bombshell comprising of all the elements searched for by Dj Shadow, J Dilla & Kid Koala.
Led by Dj Todres (The Apples, CRuNCH 22), the label's vision is to expose the world to Israel's finest artists, past or present, all joined by the same common ground: the groove.
A Side:
Composed by organ and keyboard great Haim Shmueli, "Halilit Kesem" was the theme song of his group, "The High Voices", the famous house band at the legendary "Calypso Club" in Ramle, Israel, during the early to mid 70's. The psychedelic, spanish-phrygian flavoured track is built around the Sonata form, with Shmueli's captivating oriental synth solo ןis shining right at the middle, between beautiful Stop-Time breaks and the African triplet-feel segment. Inspired by Keith Emerson and Jimmy Smith, Shmueli's masterful playing and composing is a unique world to explore.
B Side:
Based on Bach's prelude no 1 in C Major, Shlomo Gronich's re-composing was created while he was under the influence of an Acid trip. The vicious drums, the fat bass line and the flying flute melody, illuminated the track in psychedelic colors, making it one the most unique arrangements a classical piece ever received.