The Invisible Session – Echoes Of Africa


People All Around The World, Can Make It
Hearing The Call
Pull The Handbrake
Ideas Can Make The World
Breathe The Rhythm
From Lagos To Addis Ababa
West Island
Journey To The East
Mother Forgive Us
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After several years of silence, Schema Records co-founder Luciano Cantone in collaboration with Gianluca Petrella and a new group of musicians, present The Invisible Session’s second album “Echoes of Africa” on the newborn Space Echo label. This new chapter is borne out of afrobeat, Africa 70’s records and Tony Allen’s drumming; furthermore, other influences come into play, with melodiescentred on Eastern pentatonic scales, as well as funk, afrobeat, psychedelia, modal and Ethio jazz, plus forays into pop and cinematica. Ancestral melodies intersect and weave, encouraging escape and deeper feelings. Conceptually, “Echoes of Africa” deals with pacifism, human rights, anti-racism, nature and ecological themes. This is an album to be absorbed in its entirety – have a good listening!