The Paragons – Abba


Better Man Than I
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· Reissue of this 60s garage anthem, a true classic of its genre, original single going for $2000+
· Comes with 12-page booklet with the band's story written by Mike Stax (Ugly Things magazine) and previously unseen pictures.
· Remastered by Tim Warren (Crypt Records / Back from the Grave)
· The A-side "Abba" appeared on the Piccadilly records end of the year sampler for 2022, and was also recently compiled in "Garage Psychédélique" by Two Piers.
"Let me hear you say, YEAH!!!". Proud to present you the first official reissue of this 60s garage anthem, a local hit in North Carolina back in 1967, and an eternal classic in the 60s scene ever since. After multiple bootlegs, countless appearances in illegitimate compilations over the years and prices for the original vinyl sky-rocketing in recent times, this teen-rock gem receives the Altercat treatment with a deluxe reissue.
Done in cooperation with the band members, it includes a 12-page booklet with the band's story written by Mike Stax (Ugly Things magazine) and featuring previously unseen pictures. Transferred from the original vinyl and remastered by Tim Warren of Crypt Records / Back From The Grave fame.
It didn't appear in any national sales charts, but "Abba" by the Paragons is a smash hit record by any other measure. Ebullient, melodic, infectious, and eminently danceable, it's impossible not to love. For DJs at sixties events worldwide, it's a surefire crowd pleaser. Bands continue to cover it onstage and on record, including the Satelliters, the Cynics, and most recently the Rosalyns. Record collectors fight tooth and nail to get their hands on the original 45. As an exemplar of pure joyous American teenage garage bliss, it's pretty much unsurpassed.
(Mike Stax, Ugly Things magazine)